During the Qingming Festival, Tai'an, China received 713700 tourists

2024/4/11 15:22:13

TAI'AN, China, April 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- This is a report from the Shandong Office of Hong Kong Business Daily. During the Tomb Sweeping Festival, Tai'an, Shandong Province, is a picturesque city with tourists from home and abroad. 21 tourist attractions (spots) included in the statistics, including the national A-level tourist attractions, new business tourist attractions, and rural tourist areas (spots), received 713700 tourists, including 208400 tourists from Mount Taishan Scenic Area.

Mount Taishan, located in Daiyue District, Tai'an City, is the first of the five mountains in China and also a world cultural and natural heritage. Mount Taishan, 1545 meters above sea level, is an important birthplace of Chinese civilization. It is not only an important symbol of ancient Chinese culture, but also an important part of traditional Chinese culture. Mount Taishan Scenic Area is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in China because of its beautiful natural scenery, magnificent mountains, perfect tourism facilities and services, and many cultural landscapes.

During the holiday period, Tai'an Feicheng has held the Peach Blossom Festival continuously for 23 years, with increasing scale and influence, providing tourists with a more diverse communication platform and richer experience scenes. The 26th Pear Blossom Festival was held in Ningyang County, promoting the deep integration of agriculture, culture, and tourism through flowers as a medium, gathering friends, cultural and tourism performances, and economic and trade performances. Key scenic spots, cultural venues, and commercial districts in Tai'an City have successively launched rich and distinctive activities, allowing tourists to unlock diverse gaming experiences.

In addition, Tai'an City has also launched a series of themed short videos to promote the scenic spots around Mount Taishan Mountain. Tai'an Library invites teachers and students from colleges and universities to experience the unique charm of traditional culture and immerse themselves in the weight of history. In the travel report released by Ctrip, Tai'an City was selected as one of the top ten dark horse tourist destinations for the National Qingming Festival, with a year-on-year increase of over 5 times in order volume.